Adidas to join in the 5K run in New York

A 5K run kicked off at Adidas’ Sport Performance store in SoHo, with runners in the latest Adidas Ultra Boost running gear, which Adidas claims is “best running shoe ever.”

The competitors started off by racing through the New Museum to the beat of a group of street drummers. They followed this by crashing The Box where there was a Springsteen cover band performing a concert for a live audience. They also had the opportunity to race against two champions at the Lower East Side’s Sara D. Roosevelt Park. Then they stopped at Bacaro restaurant for a quick toast.

Among the participants were model and dancer Ally Love, blogger and running coach Robin Arzon and fitness guru MC Barao. All were equipped with the brand’s high-performance Ultra Boost running sneakers.

Fitness and running influencers were invited to participate based on how their personas and style encompass sport, how well they identify with the Adidas brand, their creativity on social and the community they have built,” said Ashley Czarnowski, senior manager of brand communications for Adidas in the US.

The influencers that were selected for the event had to embody the Adidas brand using their own personality and style, be creative on social media, and have a considerable following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. Consumers can follow their favorite participants via social media throughout the 3.1 miles.

“Built-in social media moments throughout the course ensured consumers could watch participants’ experiences in real time through a variety of artistic lenses, copy and creative,” Czarnowski added.