Uh-oh! Russian runner stripped of Marathon Titles

Liliya Shobukhova

Russian long-distance runner Liliya Shobukhova, was stripped of her Chicago and London marathon titles after the International Association of Athleticsconfirmed that all of her results from 2009 were annulled.

IAAF notified the marathons that Shobukhova has officially received a prohibition of doping, according to the results on her biological passport. Shortly before her phenomenal run at the World Marathon Majors started, the association disqualified all her results after Oct. 9, 2009.

But it’s not only the titles that are going to be stripped from the Russian runner. According to the Chicago Tribune, the World Marathon Major series also want Shobukhova to return the prize money too.

Over $1.5 million prize had been won by Shobukhova since 2009, which included the one million bonus she received from the 2009-2010 World Marathon Majors Series.

“In accordance with IAAF rule 40.8, the Chicago Marathon will not be responsible for retroactively paying athletes and re-allocating the prize money unless or until Shobukhova repays all of her prize money,” Chicago Marathon organizers said in a statement.

The Chicago Marathon, said Thursday that it will be “begin taking steps to annul” results from 2009-2012 races.

According to the world governing body for athletics, Shobukhova’s suspension, which was an original two-year ban from January 2013, would extend until March 2016.

In addition to that, her results from the last six years were also removed out of the record books.

It was back in 2010 that Shobukhova won the London Marathon. The following year, she finished second. While her Chicago titles were won in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Shobukhova had been the only person to win three straight Chicago Marathons.